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“We can finally provide online transacting to every one of our customer groups.”

The problem

TGP wanted to extend the transaction portal services to their greenhouse production customers. Having already established themselves as the first UK utility company to embrace online transactions, they wanted to ensure they could optimize this solution fully. Another issue they experienced involved invoicing; TGP’s commodity offerings had to be calculated by means of different rates.

In most cases, a singular invoice included multiple rates which posed to be difficult for back office to accurately process and meant numerous issues due to human error. This was especially important for TGP as CHP owners in the greenhouse sector required such a tooling and a solution would help them secure a better position in the market.

This was another issue for TGP; on the commercial side, they were also keen to adopt a solution that would gain competitive advantage in the market. They needed a unique self-serving experience for their customers. This would also gain them an acquisition tool amongst the greenhouse growers and eventually lead to growth.

Jules’ Philosophy

With the ending of the passive energy consumer, efficient and easy interaction between the end-customer and supplier is of key importance. Energy suppliers can profit from improving their service level and connecting with the consumer via an online solution that allows for bilateral interaction. Energy suppliers will no longer be a supplier of kilowatt-hours only. Instead, they will become a service company that places customer needs at the centre and delivers excellent customer interactions – both online and offline.

The process

To provide TGP with a unique platform which allows for the execution of energy contracts specified for their target market, firstly, interfaces were developed within TGP systems for a harmonious implementation process and minimal disruption of their services. Functionalities for a connection to the day ahead markets were also established. Jules provided TGP with an API possibility to gather their meter data directly for accurate readings and reporting.

The result

The platform has shown significant results towards TGP’s back office by providing a more efficient and less time-consuming invoicing tool. The platform has also served as a customer acquisition tool leading to a growth in their customer base. More services are continuously being added with ongoing developments taking place. Since the initial platform solution, we have added functionalities for intraday trading, forecasting and switching possibilities; giving their customers full opportunities to optimize their assets.

Back-office efficiency improved.

By introducing an automated invoicing system less human action is needed. This combined with eliminating human error, will increase efficiency.

More Day-ahead trades.

Automation efficiency allows for extensive product offerings.

Reduction in customer complaints & disputes

Customers can now be given adequate attention and less errors in billing; this will translate into customer loyalty in the long run.