Case Studies
Smartest Energy
  • 300-400 employees
  • Gas & Electricity
  • Customer since 2019

The problem

Smartest Energy wanted to offer flexible contract execution possibilities to their generation customers with flexible assets wanting to trade on the market. Primarily using fixed price PPA, Smartest wanted to offer these customers the opportunity to take advantage of wholesale prices and offer flexibility. With the industry already experiencing a growth in flexibility and transparency, Smartest knew they had to match these customer expectations while providing a product that would stand out from the competition. This solution would allow their customers to take advantage of price developments in the market, as well as perform their own trading, with the use of an online trading solution provided by Jules.

Jules’ Philosophy

With the ending of the passive energy consumer, efficient and easy interaction between the end-customer and supplier is of key importance. Energy suppliers can profit from improving their service level and connecting with the consumer via an online solution that allows for bilateral interaction. Energy suppliers will no longer be a supplier of kilowatt-hours only. Instead, they will become a service company that places customer needs at the centre and delivers excellent customer interactions – both online and offline.

The process

TWith the implementation of the Jules Platform, Smartest was able to digitise their traditional FlexiPPA product by developing SmartFlex, powered by JuleSmart. It provides a service that offers more flexible energy contract executions, delivers market tracking, and enables price triggers/alerts and instant trading possibilities. The portals functionalities are continuously in development, with customers requests and needs at the forefront.

The result

Smartest was able to expand their product portfolio by offering flexible trading possibilities and new products, facilitated by a smart online trading portal. The platform has led to an improvement in customer experience by providing transparency and automation with less manpower. The platform fits easily into their existing infrastructure with integratable component benefits for the supplier.

Positive feedback from end-customers

Comments made about the general feel of the platform: “good” and “fresh”, while also being “easy to use”.

6 months
Ahead of schedule

The official goal of the platform was achieved (and exceeded), months before the originally expected date.