Jules' Suite of Solutions

Flexible energy contract execution and management

  • Energy trading: Near time interfacing with wholesale and reserve markets
  • Contract management: Increase conversion rates through transparency and speed
  • Customer interfacing: Increase customer satisfaction and self-service ability
  • Asset management: Asset control for cost of energy optimisation
  • Capacity market participation: Operation of storage (batteries)
  • System integration with other IT systems: API development for routing and sourcing data
  • Subsidy schemes support: Meter data and tariff administration and uploading of data

Online System

The portals are accessible 24/7

Dynamic Trading

Provide flexibility to business customers and propagate new products quickly

Customer Self-Service

Provide load profile as well as asset control to customers with instant overview of transactions and positions

Transparent Pricing

Offer transparency on prices and transactions to clients

Digitize Your Customer Transacting Process And Back Office Administration

Depending on your energy contract mechanism(s), if your customers only buy or also sell and if your customers have decentralized flexible assests, we can build the right platform on top of your technical backbone. So that you can offer your customers the smartest tool in energy management and your own organization will work more efficiently.

Win New Customer

Improve transparency around energy trading to your customers.

Reduce Costs

Improve efficiency and decrease human error with regards to reporting and automated processes.

Better Overview

Have a good overview on your customers and their data.

Increase Revenue

Improve your services, sell more contracts and increase your revenues.

Improve your services, sell more contracts and increase your revenues.

With an interface for your end-customers, back office staff and portfolio managers, each party has functionalities at its disposal to fulfill its role and the execution of the contract, leading to the monthly energy bill.

Even your customers contracts can benefit from Jules products. Your company will get an online face for your customers of the our products.

Choose Your Custom Platform Based On What You Want To Offer Your Customers

Jules Click

Long Forward Procurement

Online platform form providing contract prices form the forward markets and allows customers to procure in a number of clicks/transactions.

Customers can build up their monthly energy for their monthly profiled meter points/contracts.

The platform creates a monthly average cost of energy including the suppliers markup/margin/fees.

Specifically for customers that are price conscious and want to benefit from wholesale market price developments.

Jules Smart

Full Trading Platform

Online web based platform for the transaction between BRP/Energy Supplier/Trading desk and its B2B customers.

Customers can utilize a broad set of trading possibilities on the long term and short term markets.

The platform calculates an actual cost of energy on a half hourly/quarterly hour basis. Ready to be put on the monthly bill.

Specifically for customers looking to buy and sell energy on the wholesale markets and want to benefit from their own trading strategy.

Build your own

Pick your modules

In addition to a range of “off the shelf” products we offer bespoke solutions

Dynamically pick and choose your very own power and gas modules

Quickly tailor your platform to your customers needs with our standard APIs available to you

Adapted Platform To Your Needs With Full Service Implementation

1 Transaction processed

2 We help you make your bespoke selection

3 Your platform integrated

4 We offer training & support

5 Your platform goes live!

6 We provide continuous aftercare

We know every energy company is different. Use our infrastructure to create your own bespoke platform.

Additional JuleSmart module: JuleSwitch

For your customers with decentralized switchable assets we have created a module in which they can manage their assets in a smart way. Let your customers automate and financially optimize their assets by connecting JuleSwitch to their assets.

Light vs. Pro

Fill out our checklist to see which platform fits your needs, and we will get back to you with our advice.


  • Power Module
  • Gas Module
  • Price notifications
  • Baseload trading
  • Clicking configuration
  • Email reporting
  • Custom blocks
  • Asset switching
  • Meter data monitoring
  • Day Ahead trading
  • Peakload trading
  • Off-peak trading


Your Platform Comes With Included Services

Whitelabeled Platform

Design and apply white labeling ‘skins’ to the Platform giving a bespoke ‘look and feel’.

Continuous Development

We are always curious about how we can develop your Platform further to enhance your offering in the future. We will work with you to discuss any future new additions.

2nd Line Support

Jules will continue to support you in the initial months of Go Live to answer any questions/queries you might have.