What Is It

JuleSmart is an online transactional Platform that allows the Energy Supplier to administer Flexible, Digital Energy Contracts. It lets the electric, gas, and renewable energy producers as well as consumers to trade on the wholesale markets while providing price-point flexibility for suppliers all in real time.

What Levels Of Trading Can You Moniter?

All trading activity can be viewed via the customers positions. The Platform also calculates the Total Cost of Trades based on meter data, trading activity and any imbalance exposure.


Suppliers can offer forward products such as Years, Seasons, Quarters, Months, Weeks, Weekends and Blocks. The number of forward offerings can be changed at any point by the Energy Supplier. We carefully support block, index, intraday, or a hybrid scheme.


Suppliers can allow customers to create and submit BidSheets for submission and acceptance. A freezing time tailored to the supplier can be set to cut off Day Ahead trading for users. Suppliers will receive a daily aggregate view of all Day-Ahead bids made by customers. Customers can create multiple interchangeable bidsheet templates.


Suppliers can offer a range of Intra-Day products to allow customer to supplement their Long- or Short-Term Trading.


Customers can upload a forecast into the Platform, of which the Platform will automatically trade on the DayAhead market. This offering is the “price taker” approach.

Miscellaneous Functionalites

  • Fully Audited
  • Email reports
  • Ability to disable Long Term Trading for a period of time
  • User permissions and restricted access
  • Platform level alerts or messages to Platform users
  • Messaging or "Chat" Functionality for real-time customer communication


Cost Reduction:
  • Decrease back office costs
  • Eliminates human error
  • Improve time efficiency
  • Positive environmental Impact I.e. move
  • towards paperless working
User Friendly:
  • Improved quality product delivery
  • Continuous customer communications
  • Easy and quick clicking process
  • Gives control to customers
Revenue Growth:
  • Customer retention tool
  • Opens opportunity for portfolio growth
  • Maintains customer margins
  • Improves customer experience & reduces risk exposure

Who is JuleSMART ideal for?

1. Sophisticated energy procurement professionals looking for maximum control and flexibility

2. Energy consumers and energy producers that want to benefit from self-control and price fluctuations