Case Studies
  • 10-50 employees
  • Gas & Electricity
  • Customer since 2018

“Jules is our hedging backbone”

The problem

Flexitricity is a successful Demand-Response service provider in the UK. As it is their mission to “help you generate revenue from your distributed energy assets”, it was a logical step to add energy supply services to their product portfolio.

Having a large customer base with decentralized flexible assets, fixed priced contracts wouldn’t fit their customer needs. In order to add value to their mission, Flexitricity had to create a back office to sell flexible priced energy products and offer wholesale products.

Jules’ philosophy

With the ending of the passive energy consumer, efficient and easy interaction between the end-customer and supplier is of key importance. Energy suppliers can profit from improving their service level and connecting with the consumer via an online solution that allows for interaction. Energy suppliers will no longer be a supplier of kilowatt-hours only. Instead, they will become a service company that places customer needs at the centre and delivers excellent customer interactions – both online and offline.

The process

Using Jules Standard way of working, Flextiricity’s new energy retail departments were efficiently consulted to build the new backbone trading system for the company and their B2B customers. By integrating the platform with their Balancing Responsible Partners and their Billing System, Flexitricity achieved a lean and cost-effective energy trading and supply service for their customers.

The result

By implementing the Jules Platform, Flexitricity added energy supply services to their product range. This allowed Flexitricity to become a full-service energy & demand-response supplier. Along with an increased product portfolio, Flexitricity was able to grow their customer base and strengthen their position in the market.

Off the shelf code

Duration of time between contract signing and platform go live is shortened with minimal developments from our already existing products.

Customers gained

With the addition of energy supply services and the creation of a service orientated energy company, Flexitricity has been able to increase their customer base.

Contracts sold in 4 months

In a matter of 4 months, the number of contracts sold doubled and rolled out through Flexitricity’s new digitized platform.