Case Studies
  • 200-500 employees
  • Gas & Electricity
  • Customer since 2016

“With Jules we can handle any complex product”

The problem

ENGIE wanted to grow their position in the Dutch Greenhouse industry. Knowing this industry already used the latest energy management and switching technology, ENGIE had to match this service level by offering an online trading solution. This solution would allow their customers to perform their own trading, in combination with asset switching to optimize the greenhouse CHP’s and MPAN’s.

Jules’ Philosophy

With the ending of the passive energy consumer, efficient and easy interaction between the end-customer and supplier is of key importance. Energy suppliers can profit from improving their service level and connecting with the consumer via an online solution that allows for bilateral interaction. Energy suppliers will no longer be a supplier of kilowatt-hours only. Instead, they will become a service company that places customer needs at the center and delivers excellent customer interactions – both online and offline.

The process

To provide ENGIE with an unique platform which allows for the execution of energy contracts specified for their target market, Jules integrated the specifics of ENGIE’s energy contract based on their specifications. Their contract structures included customer hedging possibilities on Power and Gas long term trading, Power Day Ahead bidding and the National Grid imbalance cash-out mechanism. In order to allow for the financial optimization of customer CHP’s, Jules provided ENGIE with an API integration possibility to send trading and position results to the (3rd party) assets.

The result

The platform has become such a success within ENGIE and has led to a growth in their customer base. More contract types have been added to the platform and more services for a variety of Commercial, Industrial and Enterprise segments. Both consuming and producing customers are served within the platform.

Customer retention rate

Customers get used to specific user/customer interfacing. This makes customers stay since they would like to keep the existing functionality.

Efficiency improved

By exchanging Excel to an Automated Cloud Solution less human action is needed.This combined with eliminating human error, will increase efficiency.

More contracts sold

To become a service oriented energy company, ENGIE focused on a winning combination of automation in contract execution and increasing the sales capacity.