About Us

Jules is a Specialized Energy Software Developer implementing
Cloud Solutions to the Retail Energy Sector for over a decade

We serve energy retail companies, energy consultants, brokers and B2B customers.
Jules creates New Value Propositions.
Our solutions enable Long Term, Day Ahead, or Intraday market transacting of electricity, gas, and renewables in the retail space.

Our People

Our development team is strategically located in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom with planned expansion in the United States in 2022. Our market development and account management team is located in Melbourne, Florida and Houston, Texas.

Our Vision

Jules believes rethinking business processes with new value propositions to respond to both the changing energy landscape and customers' demands, is crucial for an energy supplier's success.

A variable energy market

Changes in consumer demand and new opportunities in decentralized renewable energy production are influencing how energy companies invest in their infrastructure and seek new revenue streams.

Consumer and supplier interaction

The shift from kilowatts to kilobytes.

With the ending of the passive energy consumer, energy suppliers can profit by increasing their service level and connecting with business customers via digital, neural pathway.

Energy suppliers will no longer be a supplier of only kilowatt hours, they are changing to a service-driven business model.

Recurring revenue stream

Low cost of acquisition and lower churn with enhanced customer-centric service will allow energy suppliers to break into or grow their business segment and create a reliable, recurring revenue stream.

Our core values

What Binds Us

Dare to follow your
own beliefs.

Embrace Change

Inflict not just change, but innovate with a clear vision of the future.

Accessible & Approachable

Stay open for new views and exchange ideas while broadening your target audience.

How we helped other energy companies like yours

The creation of a trusted energy partner helping energy customers generate revenue from their energy assets.

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Total Energies was the very first energy company in 2011 in the UK to offer an online retail transaction platform.

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Offer a digital environment for flexible energy products our customers can self-manage.

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Enhancing competitive advantage with a revolutionary experience.

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