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We do not lean on your IT resources. We can handle the implementation for you.

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We have an average of 3 months to implement a bespoke platform.


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We train you and your customers to work with your platform.

Welcome To JULES
We are Jules and we build revolutionary online solutions for Energy Suppliers.

What We Do?

Here at Jules we build globally recognized cloud-based Platforms for the Energy Supplier and their customers. Jules designs and shapes a new digital retail function in close collaboration with Energy Suppliers.

We provide digital solutions capable of handling online transactions of gas and power on the wholesale markets, as well as a host of administrative and operational functionalities.

What Are These Solutions?

Our solutions are designed to make it easier for you, the Energy Supplier, to offer any flexible and non-flexible contracts to your customers.

Our online suite of Trading and Engagement Modules allows for the delivery of an innovative and dynamic experience to consumers and producers of energy.

We are a Specialist Software Provider dedicated to enabling energy transitions through new and sustainable business models.

What Fuels Us?

Jules believes that rethinking business processes, alongside the creation of new value propositions that aim to be responsive to both the everchanging energy landscape and customers’ demands, is crucial for an Energy Supplier’s success.

Our products can help you achieve this.

The JULES Team

Originating in the Netherlands, Jules has been active across Europe for over 12 years. Jules’ main activity is the design, development, introduction, and marketing of an online Smart Energy Trading/Procurement Platform for Retail Energy market generators, consumers, and power suppliers in Europe and North America.

We also provide additional support in the initial months to give the best possible experience in utilizing the Platforms functionality.

We have over 12 years’ experience helping Energy Suppliers deliver Flexible Energy Contracts by implementing our digital, ground-breaking solutions.

Our team consists of highly driven experts in their fields and have amassed a great understanding of the energy industry as a whole.

At Jules, we combine our engineering and operational talents with our market knowledge and friendly services to help you create the perfect Platform to help enhance your business customer solutions. We work with you, the Energy Supplier, to build a Platform tailored to you from our extensive modules available. You can find out more about the legends that make up Jules at About-Us

Take On A New Customer Transaction Experience

For Sales

Your Sales Department are truly winners. But can your back office keep up with their pace? Calling back and forth around every new contract?

For Product Managers

Your PM's are always looking for new valuable innovations to serve your customers better.

For Operations

Your Operations team deserve a digitized trading system; they are not only working with large amounts of data but they rely on the accuracy of it.

For Directors

While the world is changing and energy sources are becoming more distributed, you have to keep up and stay ahead of the rest.

Skip the IT infrastructure hurdle with Jules and start implementing digital flexible contracts

Check Products

Your B2B customers are waiting. Or worse, checking out a better way to organize their energy bill.

Jules has vast experience in helping energy companies to innovate their product offer at the same speed as their market changes and demands. We have built various solutions for major Market Players and Global Brands, all bespoke and all profitable.

Meet JULES Experts

  • Arjan Houtman

  • Gerbert Nuijen

  • Mark Appels

  • Steve Alexander

  • Tom Huijgens

  • Jos den Broeder

  • Ajit Chandran

  • Antonia Humphreys

  • Michael Pallett

  • Dane Turville Lead Operations

The creation of a trusted energy partner helping energy customers generate revenue from their energy assets.

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Total Energies was the very first energy company in 2011 in the UK to offer an online retail transaction platform.

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Offer a digital environment for flexible energy products our customers can self-manage.

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Enhancing competitive advantage with a revolutionary experience.

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